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Welcome to Zhu Zhu!

We’re a British-based company specialising in the design and retail of top-quality heat therapy products that relieve everyday aches and pains – the natural way.

Our microwavable well-being product range includes natural wheat bags, heat packs, feet warmers, hot bottles and irresistible animal hotties – all delivering gentle, comforting warmth exactly when and where it’s needed.

The power of heat therapy

The benefits of thermotherapy as a gentle, yet effective, treatment for the discomfort associated with muscle strain and joint pain are widely recognised; a long soak in a hot bath is a tried-and-tested remedy for relaxing tension in the body and alleviating aches.

At Zhu Zhu, we’ve captured all these soothing and restorative properties in a specially designed collection of microwavable heat pads and joint wraps which not only provide localised pain relief, but which can promote faster healing, too.

When warmed through and applied to backs, shoulders, knees and necks, our wheat-filled bags get straight to work, soothing joints and muscles, easing stiffness and increasing blood flow, which helps to speed up the recovery process.

Everyday pampering

Zhu Zhu’s wonderful wheat bags are also a great way to soothe away the stresses of the day – without breaking the bank! Try a lavender-scented eye mask, body wrap or hot bottle for an instant boost of calming energy, or treat cold feet to a cosy pair of microwavable slippers.

Our cute and cuddly plush toys make the perfect gift for adults and children alike. These microwavable bedtime companions make a fun and safe alternative to traditional hot water bottles, providing lasting warmth without the risk of scalding or leaking water.

At your service

At Zhu Zhu we’re all passionate about our microwavable well-being products and are happy to share our knowledge! If you’d like advice on any of our herbal wheat bags, heat pads or hotties, we’d be delighted to help – just drop us a line with your query and we’ll get back to you right away.