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Relief from Restless Nights with Lavender Body Wraps from Zhu-Zhu

There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep; a good night’s sleep that is also comfortable can work wonders. With microwave wheat bags available at Zhu-Zhu’s online store, you can help to achieve the level of sleep that you deserve, with an added touch of luxury. Soothe tension, melt away and immerse yourself in the affordable yet high quality wheat bag lavender body wraps. Let’s take a closer look at this microwave wheat bag and the assets that make it a winter essential.

Relief from Restless Nights with Lavender Body Wraps from Zhu-Zhu.

With winter reaching its peak, getting the right amount of sleep is a vital way to rejuvenate your body and prepare it to combat the relentless cold. This is especially vital for the elderly and those with health issues related to sleeplessness. Until now, we have had relatively few effective ways to relieve the restless nights caused by bothersome aches and pains. Microwave heat bags provide comforting relief by alleviating tension which, in the process, encourages better rest at night.

Microwave wheat bags were designed with comfort in mind, and their benefits can be enjoyed by people of all ages thanks to their tightly knit support mechanisms. The wraps are scented with calming lavender, and can be placed anywhere on the body for warmth and pain relief. Unlike a hot water bottle, there is no danger of scalding water or puncture.

If you are feeling the strain from a busy day’s work, the microwave wheat bags can offer much needed relief. Likewise, those who participate in sport who are looking for a drug free alternative to help nurse their injuries can have the assistance they need, when they need it. The lavender body wrap is not only a useful winter-warmer, but also works well regardless of the time of year. You never know when you might need that extra warmth, whether it is while you bask in the sun or hide away from the snow.

What we offer here at Zhu-Zhu.

At Zhu-Zhu, we have various designs to cater to musculoskeletal pains related to problems with the tendons, ligaments, vertebral or even discs. For these issues, we offer the following microwave wheat bags:

  •  Lavender body wraps in various colours.
  •  Soothing neck and joint wraps.
  •  Neck and shoulder wraps.
  •  Soothing heat gloves.
  •  Knee and joint bags.

We also have a variety of hot water bottles and warmers to accompany the body wraps to ensure that you receive the highest level of comfort.

Where to find the perfect wheat bag online.

If you are looking for the perfect solution to restless nights of aches and pains, feel free to browse our variety of items. At Zhu-Zhu we specialize in all things comfortable. Head over to take a look at our range of microwave wheat bags. If you wish to make an enquiry of any type, please contact us through our online form.

We would be more than happy to help.