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Intelex Microwave Teddies from Zhu Zhu

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important for growing children, for both their mental and physical well being. If your child is having trouble sleeping, why not consider buying them a soft and cuddly microwave teddy from Intelex?

How Can A Microwave Teddy Help Your Child Get To Sleep?

Intelex microwavable teddies contain the pleasing fragrance of French lavender. The fragrance helps the child fall into a relaxing slumber, particularly when combined with the warmth of the teddy after it has been in the microwave. The fragrance is activated once the teddy is heated to a suitable temperature.

Young man with coolpack on his shoulder

Hot Vs Cold Therapy: What Is The Difference?

With injuries, there are a number of options available when it comes to treatment. Various types of therapy are available and two of the types which can be beneficial are hot and cold therapy. These can be utilised through different means, such as heat, pads and ice packs, but a great alternative to these methods is using microwavable wheat bags.

What Are The Benefits Of Hot And Cold Therapy?

After suffering an acute injury, cold therapy is a necessity. An acute injury is suffered from a incident which leaves the patient with physical trauma, such as a fall or a twist. Ice must be immediately applied to the affected area, in order to control bleeding and inflammation before they can take effect. Applying the ice as quickly as possible helps to cool down the damaged tissue and slow down a person’s metabolic rate.


How Do Wheat Bags Work?

Wheat Bags are typically used to provide heat or cold therapy for muscle injuries and general aches and pains. While they cannot always fully treat the ailment in question (e.g. arthritis), they can serve to provide relief from pain and symptoms. Wheat Bags can even help relieve stress and mental tension.


How Do Wheat Bags Work?

Wheat Bags are prepared simply by placing in a microwave, or freezer, for a few minutes. Then you can apply them directly to your body where needed for soothing pain and ache relief. The plant-cell structure of the grains inside enables them to take on hot or cold temperatures quickly before steadily returning to normal when brought back to room temperature.

When the bag is warmed, the heat dilates blood vessels in the body. This aids the supply of oxygen to the area to help recovery and repair. It also stimulates sensory receptors in the brain, reducing the amount of pain you feel. When the bag is chilled, blood flow is reduced, causing reduction of inflammation and swelling.

Other benefits of Wheat Bags include muscle relaxation and increased motion range without the need for pharmacy treatments (e.g. painkillers), all at an inexpensive cost!


What Kind Of Wheat Bag Is Right For You?

Wheat Bags are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes; from standard rectangular body wraps to novelty animal-shaped warmers and they come in a wide variety of colours. Most varieties are best suited for use at home while at rest, but some can be strapped to the body allowing for portability and use while on the move.

To know which one is right for you, you need to know the area of the body that is causing a problem and how you intend to use the bag. For general use, a simple rectangular body wrap is good, while for severe or recurring cases it’s usually best to use something specific such as a back- or feet warmer.

All our wheat bags are safe, comfortable and cosy, making them perfect for children as well as adults. Some even contain lavender or are infused with other essential oils, creating a divine aromatic experience for the user on top of all that they already have to offer!

Zhu Zhu For Affordable, High Quality Wheat Bags

At Zhu Zhu, we have an extensive range of affordable all natural wheat bags to hep pamper you after a hard day’s work or play! Our wheat bags can help alleviate back pain, sore joints and more. For more information or to explore our range, contact us today through our online contact form and one of our team will be happy to answers all of your questions!

HOO-SNO-1 Microwave

Safety Tips For Microwave Wheat Bags

Wheat bags can bring pain relief, circulation boosts and more benefits for people who use them properly. But as is the case with all products that use heat, you should be as careful as possible to avoid injury. In this blog, we look at some key safety tips to take into consideration while enjoying your microwave wheat bag.

What Are Some Safety Tips For Microwave Wheat Bags?

Wheat bags come in many different shapes and sizes and are used to help ease the aches and pains of modern life. They are designed to be heated quickly in microwaves. They are then applied to the desired area to act as heath therapy to help soothe ailments such as muscle pain.

If used properly, microwave wheat bags are perfectly safe. But here are some safety tips to remember when handling a hot wheat bag.


•    Do buy wheat bags from a manufacturer with clear heating instructions. Follow these closely.
•    Make sure to note the manufacturer’s contact details to let them know if you have a problem.
•    Only use a hot wheat pack for direct application to the body.
•    Watch for signs of overuse such as charring or burning smells.
•    When you’ve finished using your wheat bag, leave it to cool in an area away from combustible materials such as a kitchen sink.


•    Do not use a wheat bag as a bed warmer! If you fall asleep with a hot bag it could heat up bed sheets to such a level that they could set on fire. This is very rare, but extremely important to remember and avoid.
•    Do not over-heat the bag. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times
•    Do not reheat the bag until it has completely cooled. This may take up to a couple of hours, but will prevent the bag from overheating.
•    Don’t leave a microwave unattended when heating your bag.
•    Don’t store your wheat bag until it has cooled completely.
•    If you notice anything untoward with your wheatbag, don’t heat it and contact the manufacturer straight away.

A lot of these points are simple common sense. Still, taking them on board will help you enjoy your wheat bag safely and securely.


Zhu Zhu Are Experts In Wheat Bags

When it comes to wheat bags, Zhu Zhu are one of Britain’s leading suppliers. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the manufacture and retailing of microwave wheat bags.

All of our products contain all natural wheat and are made from the softest, high quality materials. This means that you can feel warm and snugly while relieving the aches and pains acquired over the day.

We have a wheat bag for everyone including soothing body wraps, neck and joint wraps, slippers, mittens and cute and cuddly wheat bags for children. To learn more about staying safe when using microwave wheat bags, contact us today via our online contact form and one of our team will be happy to answers all of your queries!

young woman measuring her blood pressure

26 Nutritional Tips to Help Lower Blood Pressure

‘Blood pressure’ is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. If this pressure rises and stays high over time, it can damage the body in many ways.  High blood pressure or hypertension is a common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high (a reading of 140/90 mm Hg or greater).  There are some factors that increase your risk of developing high blood pressure, which you cannot control such as age, family history and ethnic origin.  Some self-help steps you can take include:

  1. Stop the salt and sodium-rich foods.
  2. Decrease or eliminate alcohol.
  3. Reject refined foods e.g. sugary, pre-made, preserved, fried and fatty.
  4. Reduce or eliminate soft drinks.
  5. Reduce saturated and trans-fats.  Choose white fish and skinless chicken and turkey.
  6. Eating oats daily can contribute to lowering hypertension.
  7. Increase potassium through jacket potatoes, spinach, dried apricots, salmon, avocados and bananas.
  8. Boost magnesium through mackerel, figs, dark chocolate, brown rice and pumpkin seeds.
  9. Try beetroot juice.
  10. Hypertensive patients seldom drink enough milk and they are usually low on calcium.  Increase intake of soybeans, sardines, watercress, broccoli, milk, kale and fortified orange juice.
  11. French maritime pine bark extract lowered blood pressure in a Chinese study, which was reported in the January 2004 issue of Life Sciences.
  12. Increase your omega-3s via essential fatty acid-containing foods or supplements of fish oil, flaxseed oil and primrose oil.
  13. Studies suggest that the isoflavones in soy, tofu, tempeh and miso make arterial walls more elastic.
  14. Bean including black, white, navy, lima, pinto, and kidney are full of soluble fiber, magnesium, and potassium, all excellent ingredients for lowering blood pressure and improving overall heart health.
  15. Studies show carrot juice cleans arteries.
  16. The capsicum in cayenne slows arteriosclerosis, which can cause hypertension.
  17. Parsley is a natural diuretic, which cuts blood pressure.
  18. Ginger offers hypertensive benefits to some.
  19. Spinach is packed with heart-healthy nutrients like potassium, folate, and magnesium — key ingredients for lowering and maintaining blood pressure levels.  Mix fresh spinach leaves into salads or adding them to sandwiches.
  20. Evidence shows that garlic lowers hypertension 2%-7%. Onions help too.
  21. Saffron contains a blood pressure-lowering chemical called crocetin.
  22. Taking 55 mg of concentrated reishi mushroom extract three times a day may reduce moderately high blood pressure after 1 month.
  23. Chamomile flowers, fennel seed and rosemary may cut hypertension risk.
  24. Cat’s claw contains the alkaloid rhynchophylline, which has anti-hypertensive effects.
  25. A 1997 study suggested kelp may help lower blood pressure.
  26. Reduce coffee and tea to lower blood pressure.

Healthy lifestyle habits can also help you maintain normal blood pressure.  Routine physical activity can lower high blood pressure and reduce your risk for other health problems.  Staying at a healthy weight can improve your health.  Reducing or eliminating smoking is beneficial (it can damage your blood vessels and raise your risk for high blood pressure).  Learning to manage and cope with stress can help you mentally relax which in turn improves your wellbeing.

NOTE:            Don’t stop blood  pressure medication without consulting your GP.