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Weight Loss and Bad Posture

Do you know that if you sat or stood taller, you would have instant weight loss?  How easy is that!

Standing posture for instant weight loss

If you practice standing up straight on a regular basis you build core muscles in your abdomen and back and when you build muscle, you burn more calories for weight loss.  Standing up helps your body breathe and better breathing stimulates metabolism and this too burns calories faster.

When you slouch, your shoulders sag and your stomach is pushed outwards, making you look heavier than you actually are. Proper posture has the opposite effect. When you stand correctly, your waist is more defined, and your stomach is pulled in toward your abs making you appear more than 5Ibs slimmer.

Here’s how to do it.  Stand firmly on both feet, feeling your weight go into the ground while your body grows taller (imagine being pulled up by your hair). This will cause you to stand straight and you should feel your abdomen gently pulling in as a result. Your shoulders should not be hunched forward or pulled too far back. They should rest easy on top of your body. The head should lift up from the spine but not pull. The neck should feel free. Make sure your knees are not locked and your joints are loose.  Top tip:  Take a class that encourages good posture such as dance or yoga. Working with a personal trainer will help as well. Standing up straighter will help you not only lose weight but be healthier for your body in many other ways as well!

Sitting posture for instant weight loss

The correct sitting posture is ideally one where your stomach is pulled in, and your shoulders are pushed back. While you are sitting on a chair, tilt your pelvis a bit forward to allow your shoulders and neck muscles to relax. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor and both your feet should lie flat on the floor.  Look at these reasons how a correct sitting posture can help with instant weight loss:

  • When you sit straight, the muscles of your back and core get engaged, helping you tone them.
  • Sitting straight can also help you burn calories even when you are not working out, aiding in toning your physique and contributing to weight loss.
  • It also prevents backache, neck pain and other aches and pains which are common due to bad posture.
  • When you avoid slouching, you look taller which in turn can make you appear slimmer.

If you are finding it difficult to achieve sit erect, working out your core muscles, such as abdominal and oblique muscles can be helpful.   Top tip:  An exercise ball is a fitness tool that you can use to replace your chair to work your abs and core. According to the Mayo Clinic, while sitting on a ball at your desk, you can improve your balance and tone your core muscles. Sit up straight on the ball with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Feel your abs contracting to hold yourself in good alignment. While seated on the ball, move your hips around in circular motions. Do a set going clockwise, then change and do a set going counterclockwise.