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Microwavable Wheat Bags From Zhu Zhu

What a wonderful antidote to an aching body! Zhu Zhu’s microwavable wheat bags are an affordable, convenient and reusable solution to the pain and discomfort of tired muscles and sore joints.

What’s in a wheat bag?

Our packs are filled with grains of wheat that store heat when microwaved and slowly release it for a long-lasting soothing effect. Sometimes we add lavender leaf or a few drops of lavender oil for added aromatherapy benefit. The natural movement of the wheat grains within the bag settle into the body’s contours, creating a heat pad that’s more comfortable – and safer - than a traditional hot water bottle.

How do they work?

Our wheat bags are the natural way to help soothe aches and pains, rheumatism, arthritis, migraines, bruising, sports injuries, menstrual cramps, stress and tension.

They’re simple to use, too. Just heat in the microwave, apply to the affected area and relax. Heat therapy is proven to alleviate the painful symptoms of a wide range of chronic and acute conditions by increasing blood flow to the area which in turn reduces pain and inflammation and promotes healing. Read more about the benefits of heat therapy here.

You can choose the right wheat bag for you from our extensive selection designed to soothe different parts of the body including the back, neck and shoulders, knees, joints and feet. Our packs can be used time and time again – and if you need a cold compress to reduce swelling immediately after a fall or strain, they can be applied from the freezer, too.

Not just for pains and strains

Zhu Zhu’s wonderful wheat bags are also a great way to soothe away the stresses of everyday life. Why not relax with a lavender-scented eye mask, body wrap or hot bottle for an instant boost of calming energy, or treat cold feet to a cosy pair of microwavable slippers?

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