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Microwavable Glove

Our hands are at the frontline of our daily lives, so it’s no wonder they’re prone to strains bumps and injuries. As well as accidental damage, finger, hand and wrist problems can also result from chronic conditions such as arthritis and Raynaud’s syndrome. A microwavable glove from Zhu Zhu might just help.

What does it do?

The benefits of soaking hands in warm oil or water have long been understood. The heated mitt offers the same soothing experience in a safe, long-acting format that can be used when relaxing without mess or fuss.

Each unscented microwavable glove contains small grains of wheat that store heat efficiently when heated and release it again over an extended period to relax skin, muscles and joints. The mitt is specially designed to enfold your hand with warmth for sustained relief – just the thing for sore and stiff joints or chilled fingers.

How does heat therapy relieve pain?

The glove’s gentle heat gently warms cold hands, at the same time delivering proven therapeutic benefits. Heat therapy can help to improve the joint’s range of movement by relaxing tendons and muscles, allowing them greater extension. When heat is applied locally in this way, it also increases blood flow to the area, promoting healing, and because it stimulates receptors in the skin, it also helps to diminish pain. You can learn more about the benefits of heat therapy here.

Our mitts can be used over and over, so you’ll get years of use out of a single wheat-filled fleecy mitt.

Are there special products for other parts of the body?

At Zhu Zhu, we specialise in making and selling a complete range of heat therapy products to help relieve joint and muscle pain wherever you experience it. Our wheat-filled bags can be used to soothe knees, necks, shoulders, backs and legs in a safe, comfortable and 100% natural way.

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