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Neck & Shoulder

A pain in the neck can be caused by something as simple as poor posture or something as dramatic as a car accident. Usually, though, it’s the result of a muscle strain or tension from sitting or sleeping awkwardly or twisting suddenly. Often, neck and shoulder pain is related.

Could a neck and shoulder wrap help?

Zhu Zhu’s contoured wheat neck collars are specially designed to sit comfortably across the neck, draping gently forward across the shoulders and collarbone to deliver healing warmth exactly where it’s needed.

The neck wraps use the power of heat therapy to provide deep relaxation and to relieve painful symptoms. Each pad contains small grains of wheat which store heat really effectively when microwaved and then release the warmth gently over a prolonged period to create a soothing effect on muscles and joints.

How can something so simple relieve pain?

It’s a tried-and-tested, 100% natural way to help soothe the pain and discomfort from stresses and strains. The wheat bags are simple and effective. They can be applied straight from the microwave, increasing blood flow to the area which in turn reduces pain and inflammation and promotes healing. You can learn about the benefits of heat therapy here.

If you want to use the neck and shoulder pad to deliver a cool compress following a muscle strain or injury, simply pop it in the freezer before applying to the affected area.

How do I choose

We’ve always got a great selection of heat wraps for necks in stock. Some are unscented, while some are gently fragranced with essential oils such as lavender, cranberry and vanilla for added relaxation. And, they’re not just for grown-ups. We also carry cute plush neck wraps for kids featuring a family of adorable animals, so they can snuggle up with their very own relaxing wrap.

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