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Bring some luxurious pampering into the comfort of your own home with microwavable wheatbags from Zhu Zhu! We all need to spend a little more time relaxing and taking it easy, and wheatbags are an easy way to spoil the whole family with luxurious warmth straight from the microwave.

Soothe Aches And Pains With Microwavable Wheatbags

Do you suffer with sore joints and aching muscles?

Microwavable wheatbags are a fantastic affordable form of heat therapy which will soothe sore and tired joints and limbs with a warm comforting feel. Our Microwavable wheatbags also improve circulation which can potentially aid any further aches and pains returning to the body.

We can find it difficult to find the time to rest during our busy day to day routines, that is why many of our wheatbags are suitable for use when you sleep, meaning you can feel the warmth throughout the night without being disturbed by the cold chills of an evening.

Microwavable Wheatbags For Everyone

Microwavable wheatbags are suitable for almost everyone. As well as providing soothing benefits for your aches and pains they also have a significant calming effect. They act as an instant stress reliever, so if you are having a busy day you can instantly relax with the calming effects of natural wheat combined with the aroma of lavender.

Many of our microwavable wheatbags include the scent of lavender which provides a tranquil healing effect. Lavender based wheatbags can help your child sleep and are a perfect snugly comforter that will help your child drift off into a natural undisturbed sleep.

We have many leading brands for you to choose from including Aroma Home, Intelex, Cozy Hotties, Hooty Plush Owls and many of our own special Zhu Zhu products.

We think everyone deserves a little pampering so look at our full collection now and embrace natural well being!