PropellerNatural Wellbeing, Wheat Bags, Pampering & more!

Zhu Zhu specialise in microwavable wellbeing products as an innovative way to relieve everyday aches and pains. We design heatable products to help sooth pain caused by arthritis, stress, strains, sports injuries, tension and migraine. Our soothing wheat bags can be heated in a microwave and used to help relieve aching muscles, joint pain or simply for comforting warmth. The range of wheat bags includes heat pads, neck warmers, joint wraps, knee pads, hot bottles, back warmers and heatable gloves & mitts.

Microwavable wheat bags are a fantastic affordable form of heat therapy which will soothe sore and tired joints and limbs with a warm comforting feel. Our Microwavable wheat bags also improve circulation which can potentially aid any further aches and pains returning to the body.

Wheat bags and heat packs are suitable for almost everyone. As well as providing soothing benefits for your aches and pains they also have a significant calming effect. They act as an instant stress reliever, so if you are having a busy day you can instantly relax with the calming effects of natural wheat combined with the aroma of lavender.

We supply products that allow for everyday pampering like our microwavable feet warmers, lavender scented eye masks, hot bottles and body wraps. Safer than a hot water bottle, microwavable herbal heat packs are inexpensive and easy to use.

Microwavable slippers are a cosy treats for your feet, check out our range of microwave slippers and feet warmers. Simply warm a pair of our luxurious slippers or feet warmers in a microwave for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, microwavable slippers are great for soothing and relaxing tired, aching or chilled feet.

Check out our cute and cuddly heatable plush toys to keep you warm and cosy. A novel collection of microwavable soft toys and microwave teddies are available from Zhu Zhu. They make a perfect bed time companion and are gently scented with lavender for a perfect nights sleep.

Zhu Zhu also have a range of gift ideas including soft toy cushion, travel pillows, plush novelty slippers, hand warmers, mobile phone holders, scented candles and silk sleep masks.