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Animal Hotties

If you’re looking for a way to help your children drift off for a relaxing night’s rest or the ideal gift for family or friends, look no further than our range of microwave teddies and microwavable soft toys. Our collection is full of cute and cuddly critters your children will love snuggling up with a heatable soft toy.

Huggable microwave teddies from Zhu Zhu. We all know how it can be difficult for children to get a good night’s sleep. Our range of microwave teddies and toys can help your child get much needed rest. Each warmer features a microwavable wheat bag that can be quickly heated in a microwave and many give off a pleasing lavender aroma which will help your children get a restful night sleep.

A microwavable teddy can act as a brilliant comforter for children and help them settle down for quiet time before bed. You’ll find a huge collection of different animals available including dogs of different breeds, owls, monkeys, sheep, monsters and much more!

Our microwavable wheat bags soft toys in fun and cute designs are a safe alternative to a traditional hot water bottle but without the risk of scalding from boiling hot water. Wheat bag soft toys are much quicker, easier and safer to heat and use.

Discover our cute range of animal hotties. At Zhu Zhu our range includes heatable plush toys from leading manufacturers such as Aroma Home and Intelex including Hot Hugs, Cosy Plus, Hooties, Hot Dogs, Bagpuss, Shaun the Sheep and YooHoo Friends. We couldn’t miss out on all the fun ourselves, we’ve created our own cuddly friends that are perfect for your children with a microwavable sheep, monkey and cat hottie.

Our hot, huggable, fragrant and fun products are designed to suit all tastes and budgets. With such a range of microwave teddies and microwavable soft toys available, your kids are sure to find one that they’ll fall in love with so browse now! Want help choosing which one to buy? Contact us any time by filling in the contact form here and one of our team will get straight back to you.

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