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Wheat bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are great for providing a little extra comfort for you or your children after a hard day’s work and play. For children, we stock a brilliant range of cute and cuddly Aroma microwavable teddies designed to keep your kids cosy and warm.

Aroma Microwavable Teddies – Perfect To Help Your Children Sleep

Everyone loves a big, warm hug; especially kids! That’s why we stock Aroma microwavable teddies to give your kids something wonderfully warm to snuggle up to help them relax and wind down before bedtime.

We have a brilliant number of different cuddly Aroma toys including their Hot Hugs collection, knitted snuggle hotties, Aroma Home Hot Dogs and much more! Each Aroma product comes with an all natural wheat bag tummy insert that can be heated simply and quickly in a microwave.

If your child has difficulty drifting off to sleep, then an Aroma cuddly toy can work wonders. The natural wheat bag emits a soothing lavender scent that will soon have eyelids drooping and your children well on their way to a blissful, deep sleep.

Cuddly Animal Designs From Aroma

There’s a wealth of different adorable animal designs as part of the Aroma collection, including dogs, dinosaurs, owls and many more furry friends. Your child is sure to find an Aroma microwavable teddy they’ll love!

Each one is made from the softest, plush materials. This means that your child will love snuggling up to their new cute companion; and maybe you will too! Your kids will want to take their Aroma toys everywhere they go; luckily Aroma teddies are perfect for use at home, long car journeys or any long distance travel.

Browse our exciting range of Aroma microwavable animals today!

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