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If you long for a deep natural sleep with no distractions till the alarm clock rings, you should consider a Zhu Zhu eye mask. Designed to provide comfortable, light-free slumber, our sleeping masks are the perfect antidote to a stressful day.

Deep sleep – prescription-free!

There’s no mystery with this product. It quite simply cuts out extraneous light to provide optimum conditions for a deep slumber – especially useful when you’re trying to doze in the daytime or on a journey. All our sleep masks are fabricated from luxurious cotton, silk and velour cloth for total skin comfort, and some contain tiny lavender seeds to aid relaxation.

When might I need one?

Lots of factors affect how deeply we sleep. Some are physical – it’s hard to rest when you’re ill or uncomfortable, for instance. Others are environmental – the wrong levels of heat, light and noise can lead to severely disrupted sleep.

An eye mask helps by creating the illusion of darkness even during daylight hours. The darkness sends a signal to the brain indicating that it’s the right time to rest – ideal if you work shifts or need to adjust to a new time zone.

Deep sleep also promotes the production of melatonin which is important for health and well-being. It contributes to levels of alertness and improves our ability to solve problems, as well as aiding memory and relaxing the body. Getting enough sleep helps to top up our immune system and reduces stress levels, too. It can even help combat depression.

Everyone should have one

We’ve got an irresistible selection of eye masks in stock ranging from our own brand lavender-scented eye masks to luxurious Swarovski crystal-embellished sleep masks with removable cool gel inserts and hand-made Italian silk couture masks. Choose your favourite or give one as a gift.

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