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Back Warmers

Back pain afflicts millions of people in the UK each year, often resulting in prolonged absences from work and a reduced quality of life for its sufferers. Heat therapy can bring significant relief from upper and lower back pain – microwavable back wraps are soothing, affordable and designed to target problem areas.

How does a back warmer work?

Zhu Zhu’s contoured back warmers can be snugly attached around the affected area using a Velcro strap to deliver healing warmth exactly where it’s needed. The back wraps use the power of heat therapy to provide deep relaxation and to relieve painful symptoms. Each specially designed warmer contains small grains of wheat which store heat effectively when microwaved and then release the warmth gently over a prolonged period to create a soothing effect on muscles and joints.

Why heat therapy?

Anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants may be prescribed for chronic or acute back pain, as well as topical therapies such as massage and acupuncture. Heat therapy is a complementary, 100% natural way to help soothe the discomfort from conditions including sciatica, fibromyalgia, muscular strain and back pain in pregnancy.

The back wheat bags are simple and effective. They can be applied straight from the microwave, increasing blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to damaged muscles, relaxing cramping and speeding healing. The heat also decreases the transmission of pain signals to the brain, so reducing pain. You can learn about the benefits of heat therapy here.

What about my other aches and pains?

We’ve always got a great selection of heat wraps for necks, shoulders, knees and legs in stock, too. Some are unscented, while some are gently fragranced with essential oils for added relaxation. Wheat pads can also be used straight from the freezer to treat bruising and strains from falls and injuries. All our heat pads can be used over and over – making them a great investment!

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