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Microwave Hot bottles

Wheat bag specialist Zhu Zhu's range of Microwave hot bottles and body warmers are a modern alternative to a traditional hot water bottle but without the risk of scalding from boiling hot water. Microwave hot bottles are much quicker, easier and safer to heat and use.

Hot wheat bottles easily mould to sooth any area of the body removing the risk of bursting or leaking. Microwave hot bottles are ideal for relieving larger areas of pain and discomfort anywhere on the body by applying heat therapy to areas of pain such as back pain or stomach pain. Microwavable hot bottles are warm and soothing to aid a good night’s sleep.

Women have often turned to the soothing warmth from a hot bottles to help ease the pain of menstrual cramps. A microwavable wheat filled hot bottle provides a convenient method of heat therapy

Microwave body warmers unlike a hot water bottle contain natural wheat grains. Zhu-Zhu have a wide range of designs available in various scents, fabrics and sizes including body warmers from Aroma Home and Intelex. Just pop the hot bottle in the microwave to help soothe away aches and pains, warm up your bed or just to snuggle up with in bed or on the sofa.

While the overall qualities of warmth and heat have long been associated with comfort and relaxation, heat therapy goes a step further and can provide both pain relief and healing benefits for many types of pain including lower back pain and soothing aching muscles and joints.

The microwavable hot bottle or body warmer is the natural way to keep warm, relax and unwind. Soothe and relax your body today by cuddling up to one of our adorable and ever popular hot wheat bottles. A modern day alternative to a traditional hot water bottle with added aromatherapy that when gently warmed in the microwave released calming aromas to aid restful sleep.

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