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Knee & Leg Pads

Painful knee joints and muscle pain in the leg are common complaints. The knee in particular is a complex union of bone, muscle, cartilage and ligament – all designed to bear the body’s weight in motion and at rest. No wonder, then, that strains, wrenches and knocks are inevitable – and painful. Read up here on some of the causes of knee pain.

How does a knee wrap work?

A Zhu Zhu wheat-filled knee pad is specially designed to wrap around the affected area and is held securely in place with stretch Lycra fabric to deliver targeted warmth that soothes, comforts and reduces pain. The pads actually contain small grains of wheat that absorb heat when microwaved and release their warmth gradually to create a soothing effect on the skin, muscles and joints.

The knee pads cleverly channel the wheat into narrow baffles to keep the grains in place and ensure a consistent source of heat that provides therapeutic benefits. Compare the knee pads to a conventional hot water bottle and you’ll immediately see the benefits!

How can something so simple relieve pain?

There’s plenty of research to support the efficacy of heat therapy for the symptomatic relief of painful joints and muscles. The application of heat increases blood flow to the area which not only reduces pain and inflammation, but promotes healing, too. Read more about the benefits of heat therapy here.

Our knee pads can be applied directly to the painful area straight from the microwave and can be reheated many times without losing their effectiveness. You can also freeze the pads and apply to the knee or leg immediately following a strain or injury to reduce swelling.

Can you use wheat bags for other parts of the body?

We design, make and sell wheat-filled bags for therapeutic use on your neck, shoulders, back, legs, knees and tums – anywhere you have an ache or strain to combat. Safe to use, warm and comforting, they’re a brilliant buy.

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